Jubilee Hills - Hyderabad

India's fifth largest metropolis, is a cosmopolitan melting pot, traditionally known as the home for royalty as well as the design and production of precious stones and distinctive textiles. The flagship store is located at Jubilee Hills, this beautifully designed store embraces the diverse history and rich culture of Hyderabad.

Notable Store Elements:

  • The colors throughout the store were inspired by the surrounding neighborhood filled with gardens as well as the Southern coffee growing plantations – green of the landscape, reds of the soil, and varying shades of coffee.
  • Green sprinkled around in different shades – highlights the green of our brand as well as the symbolic color of Hyderabad.
  • Plank door art at the handoff - a tree of life concept using the coffee tree with large established roots, the life of the tree and coffee making process. This art was burned into the door on site, and the cherries on the tree were hand painted.