Indiranagar - Bangalore

In South India, where Starbucks coffee is grown, coffee estates dot much of the landscape. Bangalore, the region’s largest city, has traditionally been the country’s coffee capital. Local craft and culture together tell a unique story and keep a city’s heritage alive in an otherwise ever changing technology forward world.

Notable Store Elements:

  • Bangalore’s 100 Ft. Road store, in the neighborhood of Indiranagar, features a warm, neutral palette that serves as a backdrop to the natural colors of coffee – the red fertile soil of the landscape, the green of shade trees and the rich patterns of local fabrics.
  • Existing walls are left exposed, ornamented with painted coffee tree botanicals and local brickwork.
  • Jali patterns, used locally for sun shading and breezeway structures, were re-imagined and layered lacelike throughout the interior and at the storefront allowing light to filter through.
  • All furniture are made locally, including textiles and finishes sourced from small surrounding villages.