The Ingredients

Espresso Promo Image

The perfect espresso drink always starts with the highest-quality arabica beans roasted to perfection. For India, we have sourced 100% grown-in India premium coffee beans to create our unique Espresso Roast.

Our Indian Espresso Roast delivers the highest-quality taste, true to the Espresso Roast we developed more than 30 years ago. It’s roasted and blended to yield a caramelly sweetness, soft acidity and depth. To ensure the freshest flavour, we freshly grind beans for each shot.

But espresso beans are just the beginning. A good espresso beverage needs good milk. It takes skill and time to steam milk into a velvety foam of tiny bubbles. It’s this microfoam that tastes sweetest and creamiest.

The barista’s challenge is to blend the steamed milk with espresso in less than 10 seconds. After that, the rich foam layer on top of a freshly poured espresso begins to break down and the flavour changes. So a barista must have perfect timing to make your cup perfect.